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Today 07:08 PM
 Queens.....splitting hives....why a new queen?
Think of a hive like a tomato plant. You have only have so many days in a season to grow it. By that I mean the entire goal of a successful season is to produce honey and build a healthy winter... (105 views, 6 replies)
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Today 07:07 PM
 Exterior Latex Paint: Hive box curing period to bee safe.
But I do, I know they made paint from the same recipe and put different brand labels on the buckets. I find your statement very rude. I'm not a paint expert but I know what they did because I... (444 views, 16 replies)
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Today 07:01 PM
 another feeding question
I have been feeding 2/1 continuously. Earlier this week the day temps hit 85, they started taking syrup again. I use 1 gallon jugs with small canning rings& flats, but lots of holes in the flats.... (340 views, 10 replies)
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Today 06:47 PM
 How fast will a new hive build out?
1 strong hive will produce more than two smaller hives(research Dr. Delaplame and Powers studies separately) which would equal the same strength. It has to do with the division of labor within a... (10 views, 1 replies)
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Sunday Farmer
Today 06:07 PM
 Moving Away From Treatment Free?
IMO, I think you should always try to improve. You should always try to learn. And you should always do your best. I try to make good decisions with the information I have, and the resources I have... (661 views, 18 replies)
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Today 06:02 PM
 AFB or EFB or other?
Don't treat or or do muchnfurther until you have eliminated AFB. As the culprit. American Foulbrood has a,distinctive glue pot odor, is characterized by sunken and perforated cappings. It is easiest... (111 views, 3 replies)
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Today 05:43 PM
 Feeding going into winter?
Is that 40 to 50 pounds in Louisville just the honey stores or is that a total weight including woodenware? I'm trying to determine a target weight for Piedmont of NC. Thanks. (277 views, 6 replies)
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Today 05:34 PM
 squarepeg 2015 treatment free experience
i mentioned a few posts ago that i still had a couple of hives with 4 supers on them that needed a super removed to get them down to 3 supers for overwintering. i had the opportunity to do that... (48,931 views, 411 replies)
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Today 05:32 PM
 Mite infested frames/comb still good?
I use it. Melting down brood comb anint worth the hassle unless you have atleast a few hives worth. Not to mention the wax is the lowest grade....smelly and dark. I only fool with honey comb and... (219 views, 8 replies)
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Today 05:17 PM
 How would a "Godzilla" size El Nino affect bees in California this winter/spring?
kilocharlie, Awesome suggestions! Thanks for sharing. I like your idea of pouring cement into post holes and then adding the PVC pieces. Nice thing about that is after the weather clears up, we... (504 views, 20 replies)
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Today 05:12 PM
 Well, we lost the fight
I'm glad you can look for help on this site, there is a lot of good info on here. some of us older bee keeps on here are very willing to help or can be of help. Hang in there and restart in the... (787 views, 23 replies)
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Today 04:46 PM
 Moisture Board versus Quilt Block?
Nice approach Frank, I would not have thought of using the hardware cloth as a structural part of the venting! (532 views, 29 replies)
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Today 04:38 PM
 I may have a problem
Here is a pic of one of the frames with the caps chewed off. iiylses.jpg (384 views, 6 replies)
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Today 04:30 PM
 inner cover with top feeder
No inner cover with a feeder, there is plenty of ventilation in the summer, that's what the bees are doing done at the entrance fanning. An opening ABOVE the feeder is an invitation to start a... (393 views, 17 replies)
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Today 04:22 PM
 In trouble here...need help!
If they are uncapping brood, you need to check carefully. Are there white-eyed to purple-eyed worker larva being uncapped? That is likely hygenic behavior, and desirable. If they appear... (273 views, 6 replies)
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Today 04:04 PM
 Fungi to fight Varroa?
Bees need fungi in their digestive tract to process the proteins in pollen for the production of Royal Jelly and worker food. A big part of the Winter losses of 2012 / 2013 were likely due to a... (211 views, 3 replies)
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Today 03:39 PM
 Value Added Products
For small businesses, value added products are a great way to increase profits from a small amount of inventory. In the case of beekeeping, this includes candles or lotions instead of raw beeswax,... (87 views, 0 replies)
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Today 03:23 PM
 Building a hive
If a top entrance were to be routed into the inner cover as many are, should this notch be towards the hive body or towards the outer cover for winter? (442 views, 10 replies)
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Today 03:21 PM
 wrapping hive w/ silver insulation
That aluminum tape which I think you are describing is a lot tougher than the fabric backed duct tape. For me here it is about three times the price though. I use it sparingly. The cloth backed stuff... (243 views, 8 replies)
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Today 03:21 PM
 Deformed Wing--Will Not Treat but Need Help
Yes sometimes even if all mites are removed, it is still too late for the hive, depends on whether they have time to get a healthy round of brood out or not. OA needs several shots to get a good... (2,823 views, 107 replies)