Bee Controversy Breakthroughs: Odor-Search vs. “Language”

1971 – Book publication (The Bee Language Controversy)
1971 Physiological Zoology article by Wells & Wenner (Food scent and foraging behavior)
1970s and later – Ruth Rosin entrance and persistence
1970s and later – Gould and others; continued attempts to “prove” language (If already a “fact,” why keep trying to prove “language” exists?)
1973 Nature feature article (Olfactory cues, not “language” use, can explain recruit success)
1985 Columbia University Press contract
1987 American Bee Journal article by Wenner & Wells
1988 (?) Rosin’s discovery of von Frisch 1937 article (Searching bees use only odor)
1988 and later Santa Cruz Island project (Clarify use of odor & wind by searching recruits)
1989 American Zoologist invited article (Concept-centered vs. organism-centered)
1990 Anatomy of a Controversy publication (Columbia Univ. Press)
1990s renewed attendance at bee meetings
1990s e-mail network exchanges (BEE-L, SOCINSCT, HPSST, COMP. PSYCH)
1990s open publication of letters by bee magazines
1991 American Zoologist invited article by Wenner, Meade, & Friesen (Search dynamics)
1991 Los Angeles Times article
1992 Southwick review of Wenner, Meade, & Friesen article
1993 Bee World; Von Frisch 1937 article republished (Forward written by Wenner)
1997 Joe Traynor Bee Culture article — Island Odyssey: Santa Cruz Island and a visit with Adrian Wenner
1997 Wichita symposium publication (The role of controversy in animal behavior)
1998 Handbook of Comparative Psychology chapter (Honey bee “dance language” controversy)
1998 American Bee Journal series on wind and odor (Summary of Larry Friesen’s work, in part)
2000 Barry Birkey domain & web site:
2000 Sanford summary of that web site in the October issue of Bee Culture
2002 Discovery of von Frisch 1943 odor-search article (Odor, not “language”)
2002 Journal of Insect Behavior forum article (“Elusive” language hypothesis)
2002 Co-investigator (informal): Land mine research (“Nectar collectors as odor detectors”)
2005 Keynote Lecturer and symposium presentation at the 3rd European Congress on Social Insects in St. Petersburg, Russia (August 2005)
2005 Elected president of the Western Apicultural Society
2006 Plenary Lecturer during opening ceremonies at the 8th European Congress of Entomology in Izmir (Kusadasi), Turkey (September 2006)
2006 Honey bee genome studies reveal 170 odor receptor genes and 10 taste receptor genes (but zero receptor genes attributable to use of distance and direction information found in the dance maneuver)
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