A Biometrical Study of the Influence of Size of Brood Cell Upon the Size and Variability of the Honeybee (Apis mellifera L.)

This Thesis was Submitted to the Graduate Faculty for the Degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE, Iowa State College, 1931.


The author takes this opportunity to express his sincere appreciation and gratitude to all those who have in any way contributed to the task of which this thesis is the culmination. He especially wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to Dr. O. W. Park for assistance in outlining the several problems involved; to Prof. G. W. Snedecor for assistance in statistical methods and interpretations; to Dr. C. J. Drake for providing facilities for the work; to Dr. G. C. Decker for his kindly interest and many helpful suggestions; to H. C. Dadant for his many helpful suggestions and for furnishing the foundation used in this experiment; and to my wife for assistance in the preparation and measurements of the parts of the worker bee.






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